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Dive into the visual symphony of our music wall art collection. Each piece resonates with the soulful harmony of melodies and the dynamic rhythm of beats. Perfect for music lovers and art enthusiasts alike, our selection of music-themed artwork will turn your space into a personal auditorium of style and inspiration, where every glance is a note in your room’s unique symphony.

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  • Impression III (Concert) (1911) by Wassily Kandinsky £38.00£45.00

    “Impression III (Concert)” (1911) by Wassily Kandinsky is a vibrant abstract painting that captures the emotional intensity of a musical performance. The use of bright yellow dominates the canvas, symbolizing the powerful impact of sound, while contrasting splashes of blue, red, and black evoke the dynamic movements and rhythms of music. This artwork reflects Kandinsky’s synthesis of visual art and musical expression.

  • Spectrum of Thoughts £38.00£60.00

    “Spectrum of Thoughts” is a graphic art print that explores the world of color and emotion. It captures the complexity of human sentiments using a subject’s face as a canvas for an explosion of vibrant hues. The background portrays a symphony of floating orbs, symbolizing the myriad of ideas and dreams that dance around our conscious minds.

    The artist blends sharp lines with soft edges, creating a striking contrast that mirrors the clarity and chaos we experience within. This contemporary masterpiece invites introspection and is a statement piece that bridges the aesthetic with the philosophical. It’s a contemporary masterpiece that resonates with the viewer’s inner world, making it not only a statement piece for any collection but also a conversation starter that bridges the aesthetic with the philosophical


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