2024 Interior design trends

2024 Interior design trends: new in, old out. Update your space, and impress your friends.

Welcome to the exhilarating world of 2024 interior design trends, where the realms of interior design and fashion merge in an unprecedented symphony of style, challenging the norms and painting our lives with bold, new strokes. Gone are the days when the latest runway trends had no echo in our living spaces. Remember the mid-2010s? When Alessandro Michele’s flamboyant Gucci creations and Demna’s avant-garde Balenciaga pieces contrasted sharply with the serene earth tones dominating our homes. As street style relaxed our wardrobes, our abodes took refuge in the timeless appeal of farmhouse aesthetics and mid-century modern elegance.

Embark on a thrilling voyage into the heart of 2024 interior design trends, where the realms of interior design and fashion merge in unprecedented ways, creating a tapestry of trends that speak to both the eye and the soul. Gone are the days when the maximalist flamboyance of Gucci clashed with the serene palette of our living rooms, or when athleisure’s casual vibe contrasted with the timeless allure of farmhouse aesthetics. Today, Lucibe reveals, through conversations with 16 leading decorators, a fascinating convergence of design philosophies, highlighting a unanimous shift towards “quiet luxury,” a concept redefined by the dramatic narratives of Succession and a collective retreat from overt opulence. Timothy Corrigan hints at a nuanced evolution within luxury brands, with timeless elegance prevailing over transient glitter.

As we bid farewell to the omnipresent ivory boucle and the allure of faux fur, Jeremiah Brent reminds us of the cardinal rule of design: authenticity over pretense, personal narrative over fleeting trends. Below, we delve into the defining elements of 2024’s interior design landscape, juxtaposed with those bowing gracefully out of the spotlight.

What’s In

Quiet Luxury

Embraced by Jake Arnold and Timothy Corrigan, this ethos celebrates the understated, focusing on timeless pieces that promise to evolve with you, echoing the restrained elegance of Succession. It’s a testament to the enduring appeal of sophistication, with a nod to brands that master the art of whispering luxury.



Jeremiah Brent and Joy Moyler Interiors champions the allure of single-hue spaces, where texture, silhouette, and material take center stage, offering a canvas for nuanced exploration within the monochromatic spectrum.

Fashion Colors as Home Colors

Fashion Colors as Home Colors

Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Joy Moyler predict a captivating crossover of fashion hues into interior design, with brown and red leading the charge, infusing spaces with warmth and vitality.

Vintage Lighting & China Pantries

Vintage Lighting & China Pantries

Heidi Caillier Design and Joy Moyler spotlight the resurgence of vintage lighting and modern takes on the classic butler’s pantry, merging functionality with an air of curated elegance.

Vintage Lighting & China Pantries

Stripes & Glass Bricks

From Heidi Caillier’s bold stripes to Brigette Romanek’s innovative use of glass bricks, these trends introduce dynamic patterns and textures, blending tradition with a fresh aesthetic twist.

Yellow, Local Makers, and Dark Wood Panelled Walls

Yellow, Local Makers, and Dark Wood Panelled Walls

Jake Arnold, Vicky Charles, and  Roman and Williams celebrate the sunny optimism of yellow, the authenticity of local craftsmanship, and the cozy sophistication of dark wood paneling, each adding a layer of depth and personality to contemporary spaces.

Mixing Textures & Marble Accessories

Jenni Kayne Home, Kathryn M Ireland, and Alfredo Paredes Studio focus on the tactile allure of mixed textures and the elegant simplicity of marble, showcasing a preference for materials that tell a story of elegance and timelessness.

Silver Accents & One-of-a-Kind Pieces

Robin Standefer and Jeremiah Brent highlight the resurgence of silver as a nuanced accent and the irreplaceable charm of artisanal, one-of-a-kind pieces, underscoring a movement towards personalization and depth in design.

Futuristic Materials

Kelly Wearstler looks to the future with innovative materials, suggesting a bold forward thrust into sustainable and unexpected textures and compositions.

What’s Out

Instagram Design & Ivory Boucle

Jake Arnold and Heidi Caillier critique the homogeneity of Instagram-inspired interiors and the overuse of ivory boucle, advocating for a more authentic and diversified aesthetic.

Fast Furniture & Fake Fur Throws

The push for sustainability and authenticity signals the decline of disposable furnishings and faux fur, as highlighted by Vicky Charles and Timothy Corrigan, urging a return to quality and craftsmanship.

Wicker Lamps & Ruffles

Timothy Corrigan and Kathryn M Ireland note the passing trends of wicker lamps and ruffled designs, marking a shift towards designs that transcend seasonal fads.

Minimalism & Mid-Century Modern

Robin Standefer and Alfredo Paredes call for a departure from stark minimalism and rigid mid-century modern lines, welcoming a richer, more layered approach to interior design.

All-White Kitchens

Martyn Lawrence Bullard announces the evolution of the all-white kitchen, inviting a spectrum of colors to breathe life and character into one of the home’s most central spaces.

In 2024, the fusion of interior design and fashion heralds a new era of personalized luxury, vibrant color stories, and a celebration of individuality and sustainability. These trends, both emerging and fading, invite us to reimagine our spaces as reflections of our deepest preferences and stories, encouraging a dialogue between our homes and the evolving world of design.

Brown and pink hues, specifically earth tones, are currently popular
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